I. Renewable resources logistics: a professional renewable resources logistics center with an area of 100,000 m2 and a team of 15 years professional experience provide one-stop service, including customs and inspection declaration, sanitary treatment, tax and fee payment service, examination, packing and unpacking, transportation, warehousing, import agent, overseas procurement and shipping and financing for renewable resources goods, such as imported waste paper, plastic wastes and waste hardware.

II. One-stop service of customs clearance, warehousing and logistics for bulk import commodities: focus on the comprehensive logistics service (including customs clearance, warehousing and shipping) for bulk import commodities, such as food and feed, plastic grains, wood and mineral products; clients only need to provide complete import materials and then wait for goods to be delivered to the factory; they do not need to bother to get through complicated customs clearance, get samples for inspection, obtain various certificates, look for warehouses and arrange shipping. We are highly efficient and our services are guaranteed.

III. Regular warehousing service: we have a high-standard indoor flat warehouse of 25,000 m2 which is equipped with holding and clamping machines, forklifts and battery carts of different tonnages which can satisfy different in-and-out-of-warehouse operation needs; we also have the only fully automatic food bagging machine in Haicang so as to offer clients mass and highly efficient food and feed subpackage service at any time.

IV. CIQ inspection service: we set up a centralized inspection site to better meet the CIQ requirements and to offer import clients a more efficient and cost-saving inspection platform, which mainly includes: centralized import food inspection site and storehouse, centralized import wood inspection site, designated import food supervision warehouse, centralized import stone inspection site, centralized import mineral products inspection site and supporting portal radiation detectors and weighbridge recognized by CIQ.

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